Dialysis Transport

RESPECT Ambulance will transport qualifying stretcher-bound and bed-confined patients to their regularly scheduled dialysis appointments on any day, at any hour. To schedule a dialysis transport, or for more information, contact us!

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Bariatric Patients

RESPECT Ambulance has specialized equipment designed for patients in which their body weight is greater than the standard ambulance requirements. Bariatric crews are staffed with a minimum of three attendants and trained in providing a safe, comfortable transport for our clientele. To schedule a bariatric, or for more information, contact us!

Hospital Discharges

RESPECT Ambulance is availabe 24 hours each day, 7 days per week for transporting discharge bed-confined and qualifying patients to their home or specialized care center. To schedule a hospital discharge, or for more information, contact us!

Nursing Homes & Medical Facilities

RESPECT Ambulance works with all nursing homes in our service area for transport bed=confined and qualifying patients between their extended living facility and acute or specialized medical facilities. To schedule a transport to or from a nursing home, or for more information, contact us!

Sporting/Special Events

RESPECT Ambulance provides a fully-stocked and staffed, Pennsylvania-certified Basic Life Support service to stand ready at your special event, ready to treat and if necessary, transport participants and spectators to an acute care facility. We can also help with the planning of large-scale events from the aspect of planning and providing emergency medical services in the event of unforseen disaster or catastrophes. To schedule a Special Event, or for more information, contact us!

Long Distance Travel

RESPECT Ambulance is prepared to transport qualifying patients from their present location to any acute or specialized medical facilities, anywhere within the contiguous United States. We will arrange for not only the transport, but any necessities as well, such as food, overnight lodging, rest stops, etc. To schedule a Long Distance Transport, or for more information, contact us!

Primary Service Area

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